James Deen

(754 movies)
Gender : Male
Birth Place : Pasadena, California, United States of America
Age : 33
Star Sign : Aquarius
Measurements : --
Endowment : 7-9"
Height : 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight : 152 lbs (69 kg)
Ethnicity : White
Background : American
Hair Color : Brunette
Eye Color : Blue
Foreskin : Cut
Facial Hair : Yes
Tattoos : No
Piercings : No
Interests and hobbies : burritos
Relationship status : Taken
Interested in : Girls
Hometown : Los Angeles
City and Country : The internet, US
Turn Ons : ummmm.... everything
Turn Offs : you don't really know who i am do you?
Career Status : Active
Career Start and End : 2004 to Present

Once upon a time, the idea of the male porn star was just a few steps away from a typical Neanderthal, grunting, masturbating and grabbing their women with calloused hands and brontosaurus breath. Enter James Deen, and yes, that is his real name, to change the game. He’s been called the boy next door pornstar, the cute guy who wants to treat women right, curly haired and shy grinned. But Mr. Deen is in fact so much more. He could be the nice courting guy hoping to win over the heart of a sweet young baby doll if he wanted to. Yet sometimes, James is also known as the destroyer of pussy and ass. There is no freaky thing that James Deen isn’t comfortable doing, which is why chicks in and out of the biz are dying to get with him. You want proof of his power, just look at the faces of the girls right after he’s finished with them: sweat streaked hair, mascara racing down their cheeks, eyes rolling up and back and drooling with delight from both sets of lips. It also doesn’t hurt that Deen packs a big-game rifle deep in his hunting trousers. James Deen is the Jekyll and Hyde of porn, if Jekyll brings the girl home by ten and Hyde fucks her first, then her hot mom after. James has also co-starred alongside the one and only Lindsay Lohan in the stylized trashy cult hit "The Canyons". It was James’ first mainstream gig, but we in porno land know that it was Lohan who was the lucky one.